“The elderly farmer cuts down trees each summer to serve as his firewood for the winter, but in doing so, he never fails to plant a small sapling for each tree he fells. He does so, not because he’ll live to see the sapling ascend up into the sky, and not because he feels a sense of obligation to the nature around him.

He does so… because it’s the right thing to do.”

~ Old Norwegian Folk Tale

If you’ve played Genshin Impact for any moderate length of time, you’ve likely found yourself at a point in-game where you’d like to get cooperative help on bosses or domains. Maybe you have questions about how to best build out a certain character, or are looking to top off your crafting materials using another player’s surplus.

And thus, you started down the road of using the game’s co-op feature to find others to play with, or searched for build guides online, and possibly looked into some chat-based channels for finding a group community for help and support.

If your experience was anything like ours was, you probably encountered tremendous hurdles in this endeavor.

Put simply, there’s a lot of general toxicity, immaturity, and griefing that tends to find a home in Genshin Impact’s cooperative play. Lingual gaps are also a noteworthy consideration simply due to the regional disparity of the playerbase between servers.

A large amount of the build guides out on the ‘Net either present information that is outright incorrect, or isn’t conveyed holistically enough to help players understand how it can fit into a team composition that works for them.

The game’s built-in chat censorship has driven many players to alternative communication platforms for the game (Discord, etc.), but an amalgamation of the previous obstacles tends to find its way into alt-chat as well.

The Sons of Dvalin group was started by a small band of players on the belief that a courteous and helpful community could offer a better playing experience for others of like mind.

While our ideal began pretty humbly as a private Discord channel, it’s slowly grown to encompass the Twitch platform, as well as a personal web home for resources and associated information collected by our group that can be of benefit to other players of all levels.

At its core, our goal is to complement Genshin Impact as a whole by helping to present a learning and multiplayer experience that can work to make an already great game even greater still.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the Genshin Impact universe looking for co-op help, or a seasoned veteran looking to “shoot the breeze” with a few other folks while waiting for the next big event, you can find a welcoming hangout for your adventures in the Sons of Dvalin.

On Twitch, in Discord, or through our website – thanks for checking us out, and we hope to catch you around throughout your Genshin journey.

From all of us in the Sons of Dvalin community:

“To the good times, and the friends that make them possible.”