Kamisato Ayaka


Quite possibly the most anticipated character of Genshin Impact’s legacy, and one of the most discussed character kits as well.

Ayaka plays heavily into the anime-esqe trope of the “rich young woman from a famous and prosperous family who doesn’t get out much and has some social hurdles”. That’s about where the trope ends, though. In combat ability, she contributes quite a bit to Genshin offensively – she plays extremely fast, with a cutting amount of damage coming through over the top. While there’s a bit of kit overlap with Ganyu, she tends to contribute everything that Ganyu doesn’t.

In this guide, we’ll talk through Ayaka and what she’s extremely good at, what she’s less good at, and build options for putting her into a squad.

High-Level Overview


  • A combination of CRIT DMG % Ascension stat, a method of converting Normal/Charged attacks into Cryo DMG, and extremely high base ATK make her deal a terrifying amount of damage in Melt squads that scale off of CRIT. Large AoE on her attacks and fast kit separate her from Ganyu in terms of fast, frontline Cryo fighting.
  • Her attack animation is so fast, that when infused with Cryo, she’ll actually deal her damage to enemies before a Sub DPS-based secondary elemental attack (Xingqiu’s Hydro Swords, or Fischl’s Oz Razen) can hit an enemy. Normally, many Sub DPS attacks start as soon as an attack from the active character is “declared”, and then the animation has to run its course on that active character before their damage can be dealt. Ayaka is so fast that she never struggles with this.


  • High Elemental Particle generation towards Energy Recharge (4/Skill Use) is traded off against an abnormally high Energy Cost of 80 for her Elemental Burst. If her Burst is situationally needed, requires adjustments to kit or team to compensate for her natural Energy disparity here.
  • Constellation 1 and 2 specifically try to amplify the capabilities of her Elemental Burst, whereas the Burst still suffers from the same core Energy Recharge deficiency mentioned prior, and many players don’t build her towards her Burst. Makes whaling her banner initialy a disappointing return on investment.


  • Similarly to Mona, her sprint mechanic takes some getting used to and can throw many players for a loop since it can’t be used as a quick-tap dodge in the same way that everyone else’s can be.
  • While her Burst deals good damage, it has a smaller-than-desired AoE and is largely static in its positioning. Makes her a good candidate for non-Burst builds, but means she’s going to have to get 90% of her damage from regular attacks, her Skill, and passives.

Combat Disposition

Our analysis on Ayaka showed that the role she is most naturally geared towards is a Main DPS, dealing predominantly static Cryo DMG. This conclusion was reached by considering the following points:

  1. Her Elemental Burst is her only damage mechanism that’s actually dynamic – everything else in her arsenal requires her to be on the field to get damage into play, or augment her damage further.
  2. Her 1st Ascension passive ability significantly amplifies her Normal and Charged Attack DMG.
  3. Her 4th Ascension passive ability increases her Cryo DMG dealt when coming out of a sprint.
  4. Her Sprint deals Cryo damage upon exit, and gives her weapon Cryo infusion status.
  5. Constellation 1 gives her increased uptime on her Elemental Skill.
  6. Constellation 6 drastically increases her Charged ATK DMG.

Ayaka tends lend herself pretty well to both Melt- and Frozen-based squads; better to Melt, as amplified reactions will naturally scale off of her CRIT potential there. Yoimiya and Xiangling make excellent squad pairings towards this end. In terms of buildout, Ayaka tends to steer towards a fairly common Main DPS-type build, with ATK/CRIT/Cryo being priorities for artifact and weapon loadouts.

Whether or not usefulness is attributed to her Elemental Burst ultimately comes down to playstyle preferences, and enemies. If Ayaka has a honed build to such an extent that she’s getting enough Energy Recharge purely off of kills, incorporating her Elemental Burst into rotations can be more readily attainable than it otherwise normally is. This also becomes more debatable when considering whether or not to run her with Shimenawa’s Reminiscience for an artifact kitout, which is in her top three kit possibilities (in the author’s opinion).

Core mechanics that Ayaka can be built around include:

  1. Static Cryo DMG builds, using weapons such as The Black Sword or The Royal Longsword, and artifact set bonuses such as the Blizzard Strayer, Gladiator’s Finale, or Shimenawa’s Reminiscience.
  2. Reaction-based Cryo DMG builds, using weapons such as the Blackcliff Longsword or the Lion’s Roar, and artifact set bonuses such as the Glacier and Snowfield or Lavawalker.

Ayaka’s biggest natural disadvantages are the negative aspects to her sprint, and the fact that her Elemental Burst needs specific attention if use on it is desired. Even seasoned veterans of DPS Mona builds will attest that misclicks and mis-steps with this sprint style still happen periodically throughout play, and Ayaka falls victim to this as well. While her main attacks and Skill pack a punch, they maintain the reliability and consistency that her Burst doesn’t.

Our Personal Take

It’s interesting to see the development of Ayaka as a character from her unveiling in the initial 1.0 Beta of Genshin Impact, to her actual reveal in Patch 2.0.

Her kit had to be notedly reworked and expanded upon due to the power creep that began to occur with 5-star characters since the game’s release, and especially in light of how power Ganyu ended up being. Fierce debates occured among the player community as to how worthwhile Ayaka would be in light of Ganyu, and our general estimation is that she occupies a different combat niche with the same damage – and it’s a niche that many players would find value in.

In terms of the storyline, her personal arc was quite nice, and really felt more like a glorified Hangout Event than an actual story arc. We got to see quite a bit of her history and demeanor, and the overwhelming majority of the playerbase liked what we saw.

For me personally, while I didn’t roll for her due to saving for other ventures, her combat style is directly up my alley. I heartily enjoy fast characters, and enjoy melee fighting over ranged battles. I might have to have a bit of a chat with my wallet when her banner gets a re-run…


It’s our hope that this guide has been helpful for you, and you’ve found it insightful for your playstyle and general approach to the game.

We welcome comments or constructive feedback if additions or corrections can be made to to this content. Feel free to drop us a note with your thoughts.


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