“Gosh! All I can think about is Diluc!” ~ Donna, Mondstadt

The decorated heir to the Ragnvindr family, owner of the Dawn Winery as well as the Angel’s Share tavern in Mondstadt, and former Captain in the Knights of Favonius, Diluc has a storied list of personal achievements, and has witnessed a lot of things – both marvelous and traumatic.

After his father’s death and his resignation from the Knights of Favonius, he’s become a fairly guarded individual in terms of the trust he places in others. This ultimately led him down a road of taking justice into his own hands in terms of defending Mondstadt against her enemies. Generally speaking, if he can do it himself without consulting in anyone else, he absolutely will.

Definitely a good personality to not be on the receiving end of.

In this guide, we’ll go over what Diluc brings to combat, ways in which he can be played, and our thoughts on Mondstadt’s Dark Knight Hero.

High-Level Overview


  • Alongside Xiao, is one of the only two characters in Genshin (as of Patch 1.5) that possesses CRIT Rate as his passive ascension stat; de-emphasizes need to build into it as heavily, and can allocate more resources towards CRIT DMG.
  • He holds the highest natural DEF stat of any Claymore user in Genshin, and the second highest ATK of any Claymore user (behind Eula by 6).
  • Holds the highest Interrupt Damage-dealing ability in Genshin Impact by way of his Elemental burst, dealing a whopping 6.75 Interrupt Damage – which is enough to launch or ragdoll any non-boss enemy in the game that isn’t protected by shields.


  • The sub-par damage of his Elemental Burst is traded off against the uptime that his kit offers it – at 40 Energy and a 12s cooldown, with an Elemental Skill that generates 4 Pyro Elemental Particles, he has sustained uptime on it with minimal build effort.
  • Combos extremely well with dynamic Hydro/Cryo DMG characters for high Vaporize/Melt damage once he gains his 4th Ascension Passive. Due to his CRIT build nature, combos less effectively with other elements in terms of damage output.


  • Many players complain about the repositioning effect of his Elemental Burst towards enemies being more of a curse than a blessing; he can wreak havoc on multiplayer domain or challenge runs when his kit isn’t prudently executed.
  • Elemental Skill requires timing coordination to not cause it to go into self-cooldown from not fully using it’s 3-hit combo.

Combat Disposition

Our analysis on Diluc showed that he is most naturally geared toward being a core damage dealer, in static pyro damage format. This conclusion was reached by considering the following points:

  1. His Ascension bonus attribute is CRIT Rate %.
  2. His 1st Ascension passive ability cuts his Charged Attack stamina consumption in half, and increases it’s duration by 60%.
  3. His 4th Ascension passive ability gives him almost constant uptime on his Pyro DMG infusion for his Normal/Charged Attacks, and gives him a 20% Pyro DMG bonus during the infusion’s duration.
  4. His Elemental Skill and Burst are both offensive, and deal static Pyro DMG specifically.
  5. Constellation 1 gives him a 15% DMG increase against healthy opponents.
  6. Constellation 2 boosts both his ATK and ATK Speed every time he takes damage.
  7. Constellations 4 & 6 specifically fuel the damage output of his Elemental Skill and subsequent attacks.

Diluc is an offensive powerhouse, in that entirety of his kit is purely offensive – there is no split between raw offense and other abilities that would have fueled Skill/Burst uptime, HP regen, or Energy Recharge. This makes Diluc not only “pointed” in his kit construction, but arguably “too pointed”. While he naturally benefits heavily from ATK and CRIT DMG to supplement his kit, adding a few Energy Recharge % secondary stats into his artifact build can go a long ways towards giving him the ideal uptime on his Elemental Burst (and subsequent Pyro DMG weapon infusion) without compromising too much stat-based damage potential.

Core mechanics that Diluc can be built around include:

  1. Pyro DMG builds, using weapons such as the Blackcliff Slasher or the Wolf’s Gravestone, and artifact set bonuses such as the Crimson Witch of Flames or the Gladiator’s Nostalgia.
  2. Physical DMG builds, using weapons such as Prototype Archaic or the Snow-Tombed Starsilver, and artifact set bonuses such as the Bloodstained Chivalry or Pale Flame.

Diluc combos extremely well with dynamic Hydro/Cryo characters such as Xingqiu or Kaeya. The challenging bit for him in his interaction with dynamic elemental damage from other sources is NOT using his Elemental Burst to displace enemies outside of the effective range of elemental damage reactions that he needs to keep his squad-based damage output higher. The biggest complaint that many players have with his kit is that it’s somewhat difficult to NOT inadvertently displace enemies using his Burst, as it’s somewhat intended to do this naturally as part of the Interrupt Damage it deals. Some have argued that his execution feels “clunky” at times as a result.

Our Personal Take

Let’s just get it out in the open – the similarities between Diluc and “Batman” from the popular DC Comics franchise are very obvious. I’d argue that this is intentionally the case on Mihoyo’s part.

For those that have read the manga, Diluc has the most bloodied, ugly backstory of all of the human characters in Genshin Impact. He’s lost a lot of things, many of which were very close to him. In the process, I can’t help but wonder if he’s also lost a lot of his life’s goals, and some of his will to live, too. We’ve never seen him smile; he probably doesn’t have much in his life anymore that he’d care to smile about.

It’s fairly obvious from multiple characters’ conversations in the course of the game that Acting Grand Master Jean has harbored feelings for Diluc for a long time. Interestingly, it’s fairly obvious to a number of Mondstadt’s character caste that she feels this way, too – and I’d be surprised if Diluc doesn’t know about it, as well. The roles that each of them currently play in Mondstadt’s safety and prosperity are a large part of what’s kept the two of them at bay for so long, and it’s not outside the realm of surprise to see it addressed at some point in the future storyline. Fans would probably appreciate some relationship development here, too.

In the end, Diluc fills a very needed spot in Genshin’s storyline, as well as in the personality spectrum for it’s characters. He’s bitingly hard, but has his reasons. Just like we all do.


It’s our hope that this guide has been helpful for you, and you’ve found it insightful for your playstyle and general approach to the game.

We welcome comments or constructive feedback if additions or corrections can be made to to this content. Feel free to drop us a note with your thoughts.


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