Lisa Minci. The Librarian of the Knights of Favonius, although this title is mostly a formality for the front she carries on top of many of the underlying duties and responsibilities for the behind-the-scenes workings of the Knights.

While she was offered the position of Captain within the Knights on multiple occasions in the past, she’s turned it down each and every time. Her reason being that she feels it would put too much needless work onto her for a troop company in which she can summarize each person’s responsibility upon herself, simultaneously in tandem. Perhaps more remarkable than her refusal is the fact that no one in the Knights of Favonius actually disputes her logic in it.

In this guide, we’ll walk through what Lisa brings to combat, what she perhaps doesn’t bring to combat, as well as general build outlines for her ability kit.

High-Level Overview


  • Her Elemental Skill, Violet Arc, is one of the only abilities in the entirety of Genshin Impact that hits all enemies in its AoE, including airborne enemies at all heights. Makes Oceanid fights against diverse hydromorphs much simpler.
  • She possesses one of the only character-dependent mechanism in the game to lower an enemy’s DEF by way of her Ascension passive. (at least, as of Patch 1.4)


  • Mid-range ATK stat for a Catalyst character is traded off against an Ascension Bonus of flat-rate Elemental Mastery, dividing Lisa’s use into two potential damage roles instead of a single, more pointed role.
  • She’s somewhat Constellation-needy in terms of mid-to-late game viability if she isn’t getting support from her party, but becomes a force to be reckoned with upon getting any of her Constellation levels.


  • Her Elemental Skill trades off high damage against a long channeling time during which she’s completely defenseless. Team composition is often necessary to try and overcome this.
  • Extremely low DEF stat makes her fairly vulnerable to getting hit hard, which she’s in a tougher position with by default due to the aforementioned point.

Combat Disposition

Our analysis on Lisa showed that she is geared towards electro elemental damage, in both static and dynamic formats. This conclusion was reached by considering the following points:

  1. Her Normal and Charged Attacks deal Electro DMG by default.
  2. Her Elemental Skill is capable of dealing large-scale static electro damage, with her Elemental Burst inflicting dynamic electro damage.
  3. Ascension 1’s passive ability, Constellation 1, and Constellation 6 directly fuel her Skill and Burst’s damage output and execution.
  4. Her Ascension Bonus is Elemental Mastery, increasing her prowess towards being a culminating effect character for elemental combo setups.

Lisa can generally be worked into two schools of thought. On the one hand, she can be built heavily into a mixture of ATK, Electro DMG, and CRIT Rate/CRIT DMG with the intent to run her as more of an elemental combo-independent damage dealer – which she does moderately well in for her damage profile. On the other hand, using her existing Elemental Mastery as a setup, she can be focused entirely on Electro DMG, Elemental Mastery, and Energy Recharge if she has build resources left over – this makes a lot of sense, seeing as her Elemental Burst caters more heavily to this approach due to its nature of inflicting 29 (by default) smaller instances of damage over time that can readily culminate, or set up for, elemental combo sequences. The author prefers the latter of the two approaches, although both are viable.

Core mechanics that Lisa can be built around include:

  1. Static Electro DMG builds, using weapons such as the Eye of Perception, The Widsith or the Royal Grimoire, and artifact set bonuses such as the Gambler or the Thundering Fury.
  2. Dynamic Electro DMG Builds, using weapons such as the Solar Pearl, Sacrificial Fragments or the Mappa Mare, and artifact set bonuses such as the Wanderer’s Troupe or Noblesse Oblige.

Lisa’s obvious intrinsic weakness is that she’s a time-dependent character; she requires a full 2 seconds of uninterrupted channeling to get her Violet Arc’s charged ability off, and in a running battle, finding this time can prove challenging. Using party combination such as Amber, Mona or Ganyu for their aggro-pulling Elemental Skills is often vital in synergizing with an effective Lisa; Ganyu, in particular, pairs extremely well with Lisa, with Mona being a close second for the infamous “Mona Lisa” combo.

Objectively speaking, Lisa requires the most tactical planning out of the entirety of the character set in Genshin Impact that you’re guaranteed to get for free as part of your gameplay. At Constellation 0, she needs team support, and she tends to be considerably stronger against mobs of weaker foes than against a single, stronger foe or a boss. For the situations she’s catered towards, though, she can be a powerful free-to-play lynchpin in a fight when prudently itemized and built.

Our Personal Take

The author finds Lisa’s personal backstory to be the most thought-provoking out of any human character in Genshin Impact, and she holds the lofty personal title of “Character in Genshin Impact that, were they real, you’d most enjoy sharing a week’s worth of afternoon tea and philosophical discourse with”.

Long-winded praise, but you get the point.

In terms of Lisa’s combat prowess, while many players would immediately discount her viability in any serious team composition, experimentally try giving her whatever catalyst you’re running on Klee, along with your Beidou’s artifacts, and throw a few Talent levels at her Violet Arc ability – while she’s not “Electro Klee”, you may be rather surprised at what you find she can do.

For much of the fan community, she’s regarded as having one of the best voice actor-to-character matches in the game, for both her English and Japanese voicings. The “Ara Ara” moments in Japanese, or the coy Librarian moments in English lend themselves very well to her overall character design, both for personality as well as asthetics.

Whatever the reason, it’s our hope that the Lisa experience for you is as profitable and entertaining as it is for us. Teyvat simply wouldn’t be the same without her.


It’s our hope that this guide has been helpful for you, and you’ve found it insightful for your playstyle and general approach to the game.

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