A greatsword-wielding maid who’s committed half of her time and attention towards becoming a recognized member of the Knights of Favonius, with the other half going towards helping anyone in need and never turning down a request for aid.

Noelle is a peculiar character from her story alone, and her combat mechanics and natural kit add another shade of peculiarity into the mix. Of all the “free” characters you’re going to get in the course of your Genshin Impact adventure, she has the widest variety of uses – including some uses that pay dividends in the early-to-mid game, with a pointed damage build on Noelle capable of scaling even into the late game, and Spiral Abyss Floor 12 runs.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at what Noelle has at her disposal, where to fit Noelle into a team composition based on her natural kit, and a general evaluation of Mondstadt’s only “War Maid”.

High-Level Overview


  • She is tied for the highest natural DEF stat of any 4-star character; combined with the shields as part of her Elemental Skill, she’s highly difficulty to KO even in heated hand-to-hand brawls.
  • Extremely broad kit; she can be individually built towards damage, healing, and shielding with good effectiveness.
  • She has the highest damage “soak” potential on her shield of any 4-star characters currently in the game (as of Patch 1.5).


  • The vast majority of her kit scales off of DEF, but this DEF is only converted into serious outgoing damage when using her Elemental Burst. Because of this, she trades off lackluster DPS pre-Burst against significant DPS mid-Burst.
  • She has the lowest natural spinning attack damage-per-hit in the game between all the Claymore users, but the highest 4th hit damage on her normal attack between all the 4-star Claymore characters as a tradeoff. She requires Constellation 2 to normalize this damage somewhat.


  • Building Noelle into a core damage-dealer usually has the Whiteblind as the pinnacle weapon for such a build, and she’s the only character in the game who actually uses this weapon well. Because of this, finely-tuned DPS Noelle can be a very non-diversified resource investment.
  • Her healing ability has difficulty scaling well into the mid-to-late game outside of using her Elemental Burst. She struggles somewhat as the party’s healer at points.

Combat Disposition

Our analysis on Noelle showed that she is most strongly geared towards static geo elemental damage, although this was an extremely close finish next to her Shields/Healing supportive kit and is contingent upon having her at Constellation 6. This conclusion was reached by considering the following points:

  1. Her Elemental Burst is damage-focused, and converts all her attack damage into amplified Geo DMG.
  2. Constellation 2 adds a much-needed Charged ATK DMG increase, as well as reducing its stamina consumption.
  3. Constellation 4 allows her Elemental Skill to deal moderate damage on re-cast, break, or timeout.
  4. Constellation 6 brings her combat kit to life, giving her an ATK stat boost equal to 50% of her DEF when her Elemental Burst is active.

Noelle has been featured in more limited character run banners than any other character in Genshin Impact (as of Patch 1.5); because of this, she’s been the easiest character for most seasoned players to get to Constellation 6 in the course of their play. In the author’s opinion, a viable DPS Noelle build should not be attempted in the mid-to-late game without having her at Constellation 6 first. Short of Constellation 6, her supporting kit takes precedence, and she makes for an excellent shielder and healer – especially as a Geo resonance supplement to a Geo core damage-dealer, such as Ningguang.

Core mechanics that Noelle can be built around include:

  1. Static Geo DMG builds, using weapons such as the Serpent Spine, Ferrous Shadow or the Whiteblind, and artifact set bonuses such as the Retracing Bolide or the Archaic Petra.
  2. Shield/Healing Support Builds, using weapons such as the Sacrificial Greatsword or Favonius Greatsword, and artifact set bonuses such as the Maiden’s Beloved, Defender’s Will or Tenacity of the Millelith.

While she doesn’t have to be played this way, Noelle lends herself very well to a sequence of using her Elemental Burst immediately after using her Elemental Skill, then going into a full-duration Charged ATK – the three of them have maximum effect when they are overlapped together. The cost of this approach is that you’ll need to have roughly half of your stamina bar available, and align her Energy Recharge or pickup with the uptimes of her Skill and her Burst together. This combo is a matter of timings and team support, but when perfected, yields fantastic results.

Noelle’s biggest intrinsic weakness as a character is that her kit is so broad, it’s more difficult to make it pointed towards doing one specific thing well. Her healing can have trouble keeping up with late-game HP levels on characters unless specifically addressed; her damage output scales largely based off of how much DEF you can build on her, which makes the search for weapons/artifacts for her more niche than with many other characters. The way we look at it is that the road is somewhat longer – but the reward at the end is worth it all the same.

Our Personal Take

It’s easy to dismiss Noelle as being simply the “maid” that every anime trope-loving Eastern franchise seems to have. Tropes aside, she has a considerable fan following in Genshin Impact for her demeanor and play, and things such as the Hangout Events series for her or her role in the Genshin/KFC marketing crossover in China have certainly thrown Mondstadt’s maid into something of an international spotlight.

Speculation certainly exists in the wake of the Hangout Event questline for Noelle as to whether she’s going to be an optional love interest in the canonical story for the main character, as multiple quest paths resembled romantic dates a bit too closely to be brushed away.

Noelle’s personal drive is pretty respectable. She’s failed the entrance exam for the Knights of Favonius seven times in the past seven years, and received her Geo Vision after her most recent failure for never losing heart. She never gives up, and never backs down from what’s placed in front of her.

It’s our hope that someday, Noelle can take some time apart from constantly focusing on the others around her once she becomes an official Knight, and ask herself an honest question…

“Maybe it’s time that I take a step back from the years of focusing on what benefits those around me, and go on a new adventure for my own sake?”


It’s our hope that this guide has been helpful for you, and you’ve found it insightful for your playstyle and general approach to the game.

We welcome comments or constructive feedback if additions or corrections can be made to to this content. Feel free to drop us a note with your thoughts.


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