Prime Picks – Unusual Hilichurl

Most of us are familiar with the Unusual Hilichurl, Wei, and his place in both Genshin Impact as well as the references back to the CEO of Mihoyo, who is also named Wei. The hunts for Wei in-game are some of the most monotonous parts of the game from a completionist perspective.

At least, they are to most people. One of our community members, Koi, decided to take a completely different approach to hunting down the Unusual Hilichurl.

With some experimentation, he noted that it was possible to “push” the Unusual Hilichurl around the map to different places as long as you didn’t attack him or do something to him that would inflict damage. With this in mind, he’s been able to “travel” with the Unusual Hilichurl to some wild places on the map of Teyvat, and take some spectacular snapshots of Wei in various locations.

As a homage to the time and effort this would have taken, we’ve put this page up with some of these pictures as an homage to a player who refused to let the hunts for the Unusual Hilichurl be just another side quest.