Golden Shrimp Balls

Golden Shrimp Balls

A deep-fried shrimp dish. From the rich, indulgent scent of crispy golden potato strips, to the satisfying crunch as you take your first bite, to the grand finale of delicious sweet shrimp, this dish is pure pleasure.

One of the best character revival dishes in Genshin Impact, and a classic intercultural take on fried shrimp, Golden Shrimp Balls also happens to be Keqing’s favorite food. One of the nice things about this recipe in-game is that you can purchase all the ingredients for it directly from the general goods store – you don’t need to farm anything outside Liyue or Mondstadt’s city walls. Easy to procure in a pinch, and even more useful when in a different kind of pinch.

In this recipe guide, we’ll explore how to make our own Golden Shrimp Balls. For the seasoned adventurer, looking to self-revive.

About the Author

This recipe was contributed by Esther Choy, of Estalystic. She prides herself in being a connoisseur of rare and exotic foods, and has created a number of her own signature dishes that carry her personal vision with regard to cuisine. We’d like to thank Esther for her willingness to share her recipe with us, so that we can provide it to our community here in turn at Sons of Dvalin.

For more information about Esther and for her other unique culinary creations, visit her website at

Country of Origin: Thailand

Does not contain nuts.

Contains a mild amount of heat.

This recipe is relatively easy to make.


Cooking oil
Deep fryer oil
All-purpose flour
2% Milk
Seasoning salt
Phyllo dough
Sriracha mayonnaise


1.5 lbs, peeled and deveined
1/2 cup
Varies depending on fryer
1 ea
1/2 cup
3/4 cup
3/4 tsp
4 shoots, finely chopped
1 box
To taste

Dishes & Tools

Medium mixing bowl
Medium cooking knife
Deep fryer

Cooking & Preparation

  1. Mix the cooking oil, egg, and milk together in your mixing bowl.
  2. Add flour and salt to the mixing bowl, and whisk until smooth.
  3. Heat the deep fryer to medium/high, and load with oil (if needed).
  4. Dip shrimp into the mixing bowl batter, and wrap shredded phyllo dough strands around them.
  5. Fry in the deep fryer until golden brown. Typically takes 2-3 minutes.
  6. Garnish with the sriracha mayonnaise and chopped chives, and serve.

Closing Note

It’s our hope that you’ve found this recipe to be helpful and enjoyable. Part of what makes the Genshin Impact experience unique for a number of people in our community is the ability to use it to profitable ends in our lives outside of the game, and cooking plays a pleasant role in this effort.

We welcome comments or constructive feedback if additions or corrections can be made to to this content. Feel free to drop us a note with your thoughts.


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