By this point, we’ve probably all seen the yellowish berries in Genshin Impact that you can pick throughout Teyvat. No doubt you’ve picked a number of them, and used them for a variety of cooking and crafting throughout the course of your journey in the game.

What most players on the America server don’t know, however, is that those berries are actually taken directly from a berry plant that’s native to the Chinese locale in the real world – Golden Himalayan Raspberries, or Rubus ellipticus.

They taste nearly exactly identical to what most Americans would think of for red raspberries, just with the golden coloration instead.

In an effort to go on an inspired adventure, I (LastVanguard) was able to procure several of these raspberry plants for my acreage out in the country. It’s a small piece of Genshin, but it’ll be close to home and something that I’ll be able to get quite a bit of real-life benefit out of.

The first of my Golden Himalayan Raspberry bushes, in its temporary bucket before being transferred over to the planter it’ll live in long-term.