Eula’s Bone Whistle

Something that’s referenced repeatedly in the Genshin Impact character lore but never makes an actual sighted appearance in the game is the bone whistle that Eula has in her possession. It’s made it’s way through her family for some time, and is currently in her care and ownership.

Due to a variance in the way the Chinese can be interpreted for the word ‘whistle’ here, it’s quite likely that the term is actually referring to something much more resembling a flute than a true one-note whistle. Such flutes weren’t uncommon in many parts of Europe during the Middle Ages, and were used to provide practical use to the many otherwise less-useful animal bones from farms and hunters.

Since Mondstadt is most closely a throwback to Germany/Vienna in the Middle Ages, this also lends some credibility to the idea that we’re dealing with a German-type flute as opposed to a simple whistle.

As such, the search began to find a way to recreate Eula’s Bone Whistle from Genshin Impact, with some creative liberties. My search eventually led me to Siberia, Russia to a traditional hand-carver who was able to recreate this incredible flute from reindeer bone.

Simple in it’s instrumentation, but captivating nonetheless, I give you…

Eula’s Bone Whistle.

The designs on it are pretty ornate!