Crystal Ore


Crystal Ore is in the top three commodities in terms of most-farmed resources in co-op multiplayer sessions in Genshin Impact. Without even exaggerating, farming it was one of the baseline reasons that the Sons of Dvalin group was formed in the first place.

If you’ve played the game for any length of time, there’s a decent chance that you’ve either used someone else’s farming route map for crystal ore, built out your own custom route map for it, or know someone in your circle of players who has. In any case, you’re not a complete stranger to the concept of Crystal Ore and what it’s used for.

What we’ll do in this guide is walk through the route that most of the members of our community generally use in our co-op Crystal Ore runs, as well as some of the underlying mechanics and math behind why we’re choosing to do it this way.

Core Mechanics

Individual Crystal Ore deposits have a spawn interval of a pseudo-random point between 48 and 72 hours, as witnessed by several different members of our community. As such, we recommend only pursuing a farming run for Crystal Ore once at least 72 hours have passed since your previous run.

As Reddit user ‘AegisD‘ was able to mathematically prove, it is substantially more efficient to perform more concentrated coop-oriented runs in sequence, as opposed to running a fully drawn-out run in solo play. As such, our structure for runs revolves around co-op based runs on a regular schedule as this is one of the benefits of having a community to support your play.

Regular Crystal Ore runs make a lot of sense to be run in tandem with farming Magical Crystal Ore. We’ve put together a guide for Magical Crystal Ore as well, and recommend populating your map markers using spots from both this guide and that one for completeness’ sake. There is a degree of spot overlap between both guides.

This guide only references spots that have at least one crystal ore as well as something else, whether it’s additional crystal, white iron ore, or iron ore – spots that contain something else will be denoted with an asterisk. The estimated payout is only based off of the idea that a spot spawns regularly, without Magical Crystal Ore which will otherwise increase the overall farm payout; we’ve drawn things out this way to keep this guide and the Magical Crystal Guide concisely scoped to their content. Comments have been added for spots that are not immediately obvious to find.

Finally, the Average Run Time makes the assumption that you are doing this run in a co-op format with other players, you’re fighting enemies first that otherwise make farming certain spots difficult (such as the Geovishap under Mount Aozang), and that at least one player in the party is running either Razor or Zhongli to significantly increase harvesting speed on deposits.

Locations: 34
Total Ore Deposits: 97 – Crystal Ore, 21 – White Iron Ore, 8 – Iron Ore
Average Ore Payout: 129 – Crystal Ore, 28 – White Iron Ore, 11 – Iron Ore
Average Run Time: 27 minutes, 45 seconds

Northeastern Mondstadt

Western Mondstadt

Stormterror’s Lair

Northern Liyue

The location at Mount Aozang is in a cave at the very foot of the mountain, down in the water-filled ravine.

Central Liyue

The location slightly to the right of the Cuijue Slope is about halfway up the small mountain, and is accessible through a cave entrance on the North side.

Southern Liyue

Guyun Stone Forest


It’s our hope that this guide has been helpful for you, and you’ve found it insightful for your playstyle and general approach to the game.

We welcome comments or constructive feedback if additions or corrections can be made to to this content. Feel free to drop us a note with your thoughts.


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