Local Specialties (Liyue)


Most players in the community are familiar with the “Local Specialties” harvests that appear in Battle Pass’s Weekly Missions list. Most of us have also partook in these in an effort to get Ascension materials for our characters, or simply to get experience towards the Battle Pass.

Liyue’s is frankly, a pain. Much more so than the Mondstadt variant of this same objective.

Scaling cliffs for Violetgrass is extremely time-consuming. Mining ore deposits is annoying. .Jueyun Chilis are an easy way to get your count up, but there are a disproportionate amount of them in Liyue relative to most other cooking resources – and most people don’t want to have thousands of Chilis on hand that they can’t use.

The purpose of this guide is to introduce a run route for Liyue to be able to obtain 100 Local Specialties towards the weekly Battle Pass goal, and do so in as rounded a manner as possible while slanted slightly towards cooking materials. While it’s not the only potential route, it’s been optimized to try and provide a good balance between time efficiency as well as resource options that you can viably use regardless of your Adventure Rank.

Core Mechanics

Map spots have only been used if they are directly adjacent to a Teleporter, Statue of the Seven, or a Domain entrance, are in locations that don’t have multiple elevation levels to avoid confusion in navigation (such as caves, etc.), and do not require elongated climbing to access. In light of this, a fine breakdown of individual images denoting each spot is not provided for this guide.

While this run is fairly optimized, we agree that a more optimized run is possible if the payout proportions were shifted more in favor of non-cooking materials outside of Jueyun Chilis. The effort here was to provide the best tradeoff between a rounded payout, and excellent run times.

The calculated time for this run assumes that you are using Razor to accelerate the mining aspect of this route; if you aren’t using Razor, please factor in an extra 30-60 seconds.

The suggested approach is to perform an initial run of the map for these spots to get a general feel of where they’re at, and what is there. After this point, it becomes possible to achieve much faster runs as well as developing route structures. Our run time was calculated on the assumption that this is a well-understood, non-initial run attempt, and that the player has adequate Internet speeds and device performance so as to not be heavily-impacted by poor load times.

Teleport Locations: 8
Average Run Time: 11 minutes, 45 seconds

15 Violetgrass
– 15 Bamboo Shoots
– 27 Jueyun Chilis
– 11 Qingxin
6 Noctilucous Jade
– 12 Cor Lapis
– 8 Silk Flower
– 6 Glaze Lily

Qingce Village

4* – This spot contains two Bamboo Shoots, and two Cor Lapis.

Clear Pool & Mountain Cavern

Qingyun Peak

Mingyun Village

Liyue Harbor


It’s our hope that this guide has been helpful for you, and you’ve found it insightful for your playstyle and general approach to the game.

We welcome comments or constructive feedback if additions or corrections can be made to to this content. Feel free to drop us a note with your thoughts.


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