Odd Achievements

The Achievement system is one of the more challenging and entertaining aspects of Genshin Impact; it provides some longevity and grind-based adventures to give players plenty of objectives to work towards, outside of the storyline and the daily/weekly quest objectives.

That being said, there are some pretty weird achievements buried in the game.

Some of these you may have stumbled across as a sort of happy accident. Others are so obscure that you’d nearly have to be referred to them to even know that they exist. Others are out in the open, but require so much dedication and repetitive work that some players forego them entirely as being too much of a hassle.

For better or for worse, here are the 10 strangest achievements that the Sons of Dvalin community has come across in the course of our adventures in the game. Enjoy!

1. Boared to Death

“Be defeated by a wild boar.”

Reward – 5 Primogems

The first time we witnessed this, it was in a classic case of “Shoot! I’m at really low HP and about to get KO’d! Quick, let’s teleport out of here!”. We then promptly moved to the Teleport point to the southwest of Quince Village, and were immediately KO’d by a boar upon arriving.

One of the more laughable achievements we’ve had the pleasure of randomly being on the receiving end of.

2. Bon Appetit

“Have 4 party members in the Full state at the same time.”

Reward – 10 Primogems

This one we had to actually read about, as none of us had ever found ourselves in a situation before where we’d naturally been forced into doing this.

It’s a pretty easy little avenue to get yourself an extra 10 Primos if you haven’t knocked it out already.

3. Fantastic Four

“Complete a Domain using 4 characters of the same Elemental Type.”

Reward – 10 Primogems

This was first encountered in running through the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern domain, and loading up a squad full of Geo characters due to the massive passive damage increase to Geo in the domain.

Getting the achievement was a fun little addition to a gutsy domain run that turned glorious in the end.

4. Penalty

“There are places where one cannot simply dig Pyro Slimes out of the ground….”

Reward – 5 Primogems

What you’ll have to do to get this one squared away is to make a Pyro Hilichurl Grenadier attempt to dig a throwable pyro slime out of the ground in the water.

The easiest place to make this happen is to teleport to Sal Terrae, and head around the land loop to where the bullrushes are growing into the waters’ edge; there’s a Grenadier there that’s already standing in the water, and he’ll try to dig a pyro slime out upon seeing you.

5. …Well, That Was Strange

“Default the Unusual Hilichurl 50 times.”

Reward – 5/10/20 Primogems

No conversation about odd achievements would be complete without visiting the most unusual achievement of them all. Literally.

Wei, the Unusual Hilichurl, is one of the most repetitive and boring achievements that you’ll get access to in the course of your gameplay, and it takes roughly 40-50 hours to get this achievement fully maxed out.

Not for the faint of heart. Caffeine helps. A lot.

6. “…anyone can be a gourmet.”

“Cook 10 suspicious-tasting dishes.”

Reward – 5 Primogems

To get this one, you’ll have to deliberately miss-cook 10 food dishes. Due to the relative ease of the cooking system in Genshin Impact, the author only stumbled onto this achievement during the process of his PC’s mouse beginning to die.

“Holy cow – you actually get achievements for messing up food. Huh.”

7. Friends the World Over

“Meet all sorts of people during your adventure.”

Reward – 10 Primogems

This is one of the more difficult achievements to artificially progress yourself towards, as there isn’t a player-visible counter in the game for your progress in getting it.

It’s gained by having 10,000 dialogue option interactions when speaking with NPCs in the game. Dialogues don’t have to be unique.

None of us have got this one yet, and we found about it in the course of our evening reading.


“Lost track of a Bounty target.”

Reward – 5 Primogems

A couple of us managed to pull this one off by accident by failing to understand that the Bounty countdown timer still keeps going even if you’re inside the Character or Inventory menus, causing the 10-minute timer to expire.

It’s one of the milder achievements to get, and it’s a quick and easy 5 Primos.

9. Open to Interpretation

“Ruin 4 signs of an imminent romance.”

Reward – 5 Primogems

In a flagrant display of wanton cruelty, you can knock this one out by attacking the pigeons, scaring away the dogs, collecting the fish, and blowing away the leaves in the “Good Signs” Daily Quest in Liyue.

Emotionally, this one hurt me a little to do – but sometimes you’ve got to burn someone else’s “ship” so that yours can sail, right? RIGHT?!

Ah, who am I kidding… I’m a terrible person.

10. Get Your Own Emergency Food!

“Consume the food during “Food Delivery” instead of delivering it.”

Reward – 5 Primogems

I wouldn’t have known about this one if I hadn’t done some casual cruising around on the Genshin Impact Fandom content, and noticed it as one I didn’t yet have.

I imagine most people would see this is as a deserved form of revenge for what was colloquially termed the “Uber Eats” event quests, which were the lowest-rated quests in the game’s history per the playing community.