Starsilver Ore


Starsilver Ore, introduced in Patch 1.3, has a dual purpose in that it can be used for breakdown into Fine Enhancement Ore at a Blacksmith’s Forge similar to White Iron Ore, or it can be used as a prerequisite material for any of the Dragon-class prototype weapons.

Regardless of what you’re using it towards, it’s a good thing to have a modest reserve of in your inventory most of the time.

In this guide, we’ll present a farming route template for how to quickly harvest Starsilver Ore from some the spots it’s concentrated in, as well as some general background to have while tracking it down.

Core Mechanics

Starsilver Ore possesses the same respawn properties as its lesser cousin, White Iron Ore – meaning that it takes a full 48 hours for it to respawn after being mined. Also in similar comparison, it will show up on Ningguang’s ore-revealing skill with regard to the minimap.

It’s not a bad idea to eat a serving of Goulash prior to performing this run, as it allows greater sustain between Teleport points to “warm up”. Our average run time noted below was recorded for instances where we did this as part of our prep.

For our proposed mining run, we’ve noted twelve different spots throughout Dragonspine that have concentrations of Starsilver Ore, and have forgone any individual deposits that only have single instances of this ore, same as with our other mining guides.

We’ve generally found that as long as you have a community or a playgroup to support cooperative play for mining, going after individual ore tends to be an inefficient use of gaming time as you can simply find others within the group to offer their worlds, etc. for supporting these runs on the concentrated deposits. As such, this will be our focus in this guide.

Locations: 12
Total Ore Deposits: 47
Average Ore Payout: 63
Average Run Time: 8 minutes, 30 seconds

Route Map


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