Unusual Hilichurl


The Unusual Hilichurl, named ‘Wei’ (a tribute to Mihoyo’s CEO), was incorporated into Genshin Impact as part of Patch 1.2, and along with him, and Achievement set – to hunt him down in Teyvat for a grand total of 50 defeats.

Most seasoned veterans of Genshin will readily tell you that this achievement set is one of the most annoying and time-consuming aspects of play for anyone with a completionist outlook to the game. When hunting Wei on your own, assuming that you’re able to successfully find him all 50 times without issue, it will take you an average of 12.5 hours of play over a 25-day timeframe to complete this achievement – and it has no other direct benefits.

Unsurprisingly, many people use co-op hunting as a means to accelerating this timeframe, as well as help others knock the achievement out in tandem with their own.

In this guide, we’ll break down how to locate and hunt the Unusual Hilichurl, speculate a bit on the mechanics of how and where he spawns, and delve into some ‘Churl conspiracy theories.

Core Mechanics

The Unusual Hilichurl spawns at one of 14* known points in Teyvat at random. Upon being found and defeated, he will then immediately respawn at a different point out of the set of 14* in Teyvat, and the same process can be repeated. Upon being defeated a second time in this manner, his respawn timer enters a 12-hour cooldown phase from the point of his second defeat before he can be hunted twice in the same succession again.

Upon being defeated, he will drop 1-3 cabbages, 233 Mora, and 18 Adventure Experience. While it’s extremely time-consuming to hunt him in repetitious fashion, it can be a more drastic method of gaining Adventure Experience if you’re just slightly short of hitting a new Adventure Rank and want to accelerate your progression.

The Unusual Hilichurl can only be hunted a maximum of 10 times per server day, per player account – preventing players from using the Adventure Experience gained from defeating him as a means of infinite farm. Defeating him in another players’ world will count as credit towards your own Achievement Totals and you will receive drops as well – the only condition is that you have to have dealt at least 1 damage to him in the process of him being defeated.

While he is subject to the full range of elemental reaction damage types, he is not affected by most status afflictions (such as ‘Frozen’, or being petrified by Zhongli’s Elemental Burst). He has a small HP pool, low resistances, and deals little damage; players should have no difficulty defeating him regardless of character buildout.

He is a neutral NPC, and will not attack characters until he is attacked, himself.

Controversy & Conspiracy Theories

The subject of where the Unusual Hilichurl spawns at is moderately debated among much of the player community for Genshin Impact, because while it’s generally accepted that there are 14* confirmed locations on the America server that he’s been sighted at, there are some rare occasions in-game where the spawn timer should imply that he’s alive and available for defeat somewhere in Teyvat, but he can’t be found at any of the 14* known spots.

One vein of thought is with regard to the original Beta test version of Patch 1.2 on the Asia servers. In Beta 1.2, there were three potential spawn spots for Wei that supposedly didn’t make it into the final production version of Patch 1.2. “Supposedly” being the key term here – because they started being offered in some organization’s guides for hunting the Unusual Hilichurl anyway after 1.2 was released.

We can neither truly confirm nor deny if Wei actually does spawn at any of these three spots; all we can convey is that no member of the Sons of Dvalin play community has ever found him at any of these three spots before. We’ve included them in this guide for the sake of completeness, but marked them accordingly. If you are on the America server and have found him at one of these spots and have supporting pictures to prove it, we’d certainly like to hear your story. Drop us a note on it sometime.

Another idea is that as of Patch 1.3, there was at least one Dragonspine region spawn spot added for the Unusual Hilichurl, but no one in the community has been able to find it yet and report it to the playerbase in recognized fashion. Our community has had three instances where we personally investigated this theory, but have been unable to find a Dragonspine spawn for Wei to date.

One thing that has been confirmed is that some of the Mondstadt region spawn spots have a slight degree of variance as to where the Unusual Hilichurl spawns at. Sometimes he’s at the exact spot stated, while other times, he’s in the general area of that spot. Unfortunately, he registers the same as any other neutral NPC through Elemental Vision – with a white and gray latticed highlight – meaning that you can’t simply glide over the surrounding countryside with Elemental Vision turned on and readily see him.

Confirmed Spawn Locations – Mondstadt


Mondstadt – At the shrine near the Anemo Hypostasis.

Sometimes, he’ll spawn to the west of the shrine (as pictured here), but can also spawn directly on the north side of the shrine, too.


Mondstadt – Around the large tree at Windrise.

There are three potential spots around the tree. The first (pictured here) is on the west side of the tree. The second is on the east side of the tree, and on rare occasions, he can also spawn on the small ledge behind the tree a few meters to the south.


Mondstadt – On the hilltop overlooking Dadaupa Gorge.

This is an easier one, although he’s positioned at such an spot that you usually have to climb up the hill to be able to see him.


Mondstadt – At the edge of Cape Oath.

He’ll be sitting on the edge of the cliff with his legs hanging over. You have to get most of the way to the edge to be able to see him because of how tall the grass is there.


Mondstadt – Wolfendom Arena edge.

There are three potential spots here. The first two are directly on the wall next to the pathed entrance, and on the little ledge slightly to the north of the path (pictured here). The third is on the top of the wall on the southern side of the arena.


Mondstadt – Stormterror’s Lair, upper terrace.

He’ll be just to the southwest of the State of the Seven here, and will come into vision after moving a few meters from the Statue in his direction.

Confirmed Spawn Locations – Liyue


Liyue – On top of the cliff near the Stone Gate.

You’ll have to climb or glide all the way to the top of the cliff to check this spot. The pressure plate at the end of the platform next to the teleporter can prove useful here.


Liyue – In the flower fields near Quince Village.

He’ll be located either directly on the wall, sleeping, or standing up in the field right next to the wall.


Liyue – On one of the stone platforms at the base of Qingyun Peak.

You can jump down from the teleporter and spot him fairly easily.


Liyue – In Cuijue Slope near the temple entrance.

He’ll be down on the path leading into the temple of the nine.


Liyue – Tianqiu Valley, on the stone dock.

Standing in the center of the platform leading out into the water.


Liyue – Towards the bottom of Lingju Pass.

On the hillside looking out at the water. In front of the green tent.


Liyue – South of Mingyun Village.

On one of the cliff faces overlooking the Yaoguang Shoal area.


Liyue – Northeast of Liyue Harbor.

He’ll be up on one of the taller cliffs in this area, looking out over the water.

Beta Spawn Locations

A reminder – these spawns appear to have been taken out of the game when Beta 1.2 was rolled over into production, but we can’t fully confirm this statement. Presenting them for the sake of keeping our information holistic.


Mondstadt – Stormterror’s Lair, sky island.

This platform of rock is somewhat time-consuming to get up to, which may have been a contributing factor to it being removed from the final version*.


Liyue – On the stone platform in Jueyun Karst.

The two potential spots in this location were either on this platform, or at the water’s edge just behind it..


Liyue – Near the bridge crossing north of Qingxu Pool.

He’d be standing right on top of this slightly-damaged planking pictured.


It’s our hope that this guide has been helpful for you, and you’ve found it insightful for your playstyle and general approach to the game.

We welcome comments or constructive feedback if additions or corrections can be made to to this content. Feel free to drop us a note with your thoughts.


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