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Welcome to Obscure Tips & Tricks!

This portion of our site is home to a collection of various pieces of Genshin Impact play advice that may not be immediately obvious to many players. The best part? All of the morsels of wisdom featured here were submitted by members of our own community after general agreement that they’d be helpful to the Genshin playerbase.

So, in order of submission, here are our very own Sons of Dvalin Tips & Tricks for Genshin Impact!

Land Movement (Submitted by LastVanguard)

The prorated land movement speed for Genshin Impact characters is:

– Male characters, tall – 100%
– Female characters, tall – 96%
– Male characters, medium – 92%
– Female characters, medium – 88%
– Female characters, short – 80%

As an example of this, if your active character is Sucrose, and you have Anemo resonance in your party with another Anemo character, your resultant movement speed is 88% plus a relative 10% thanks to the resonance bonus, or 96.8% total. Even with Anemo resonance in your current party with your active character, a tall male character without Anemo resonance is still faster than you in terms of running/sprinting.

Weapon Event Bonus EXP (Submitted by Wisely)

Even if you don’t have a use for an event weapon, it’s still worthwhile to get it ascended and leveled as high as possible while you get the 1.5 EXP bonus for it during the event.

Doing so will cost you 300,000 Mora and 300 Mystic Enhancement Ores less at Level 90 than if you wait until after the event is over. Just the Mora savings alone is equivalent to running 5 Ley Lines of Wealth.

Artifact Leveling Times (Submitted by kubectl & Azriel)

Levelling up a 5-star artifact from Level 0 to Level 20 takes around 270,000 artifact EXP. Each run of a Level 90 artifact domain averages at ~10,000 artifact EXP. Assuming that you don’t get a 2x or 5x multiplier, it takes 27 runs, or in other words, 3 days of artifact domain runs to max out a 5-star artifact.

Starting from the ground up, it takes half a month to get 5 pieces (a complete set) of artifacts to Level 20. To gather 8 sets of Level 20 artifacts for two Spiral Abyss teams, 4 months of artifact runs will be needed.

While that level of investment sounds insane, artifacts (with the exception of elemental goblets) are the most flexible resources that contribute towards a character’s combat performance. Resin spent on building artifacts may be seen as resin spent on all characters instead of on one single character.

Pressure Plates (Submitted by Wisely & paigewashere)

There are a number of pressure plates in the game that either unlock chests or provide wind currents to get around obstacles with (a good example is the one at the end of the platform at the Stone Gate).

It may not be immediately obvious, but the Elemental Skills of Albedo, Klee and Ningguang can activate both large and small ones, while Amber, Ganyu, and Mona’s Skills can activate just the small ones. Xiangling’s Skill (Guoba) can’t do this.

Fischl and Oz can activate small pressure plates if you place Oz on top of a plate, then shoot him with a charged aimed shot.

Pressure Plates (Submitted by elentiya & hibi)

You can quickly change the order of characters in your party setup by clicking/tapping and holding a character in the Party Menu, and then dragging them to another spot, exchanging the character’s places.

As of Patch 1.5, this cannot be done while using a controller.

Team-Swapping For Companionship EXP (Submitted by Wisely)

Apart from domains, most boss fights and ley lines allow you to switch to a different team upon victory (prior to claiming the rewards), then claim the rewards with the new team to get the Companionship EXP credited to them.

Best Parametric Transformer Spot (Submitted by Wisely)

In this spot not far from Yaoguang Shoal, you can place your Parametric Transformer directly between these two Electro-charged crystals to have the resultant shocks complete the charge on it for you.

Primo Geovishap Gemstone Drops (Submitted by Wisely & Alexis)

Which type of gemstone the Primo Geovishap will drop upon defeat is tied to whichever element the Vishap is aligned to upon engagement. It will drop gemstone(s) of this same element, as well as Geo gemstones.

Anemo Characters & Anemograna (Submitted by Wisely)

You’re probably familiar with Anemograna – the tiny wind spirits that when three are collected, give you a wind updraft to glide on. Anemo characters can activate the updraft with only a single Anemograna in tandem with using their Elemental Skill. Kazuha and Xiao can even do this in midair!

Dragonspine Barrels & Crates (Submitted by hibi)

In times of desperation, wooden crates and barrels in Dragonspine will relieve the effects of sheer cold if lit on fire! Unfortunately, there are a lot more inflammable clay pots lying around…

Easy Flame Flower Stamen (Submitted by Wisely)

If you need fire potions or warming bottles, there are 6 Fire Flowers conveniently located not far from this Teleport, enough for a small batch.

Azhdaha Elements (Submitted by LastVanguard)

When you’re fighting Azdaha, take note of the elemental signs displayed on the entrance to his domain – these are the elements that he’s going to align to in the course of your battle. For mine, he’s going to go Pyro and Electro – in what appears to be a random order. Makes elemental planning for the fight a bit easier!