Sons of Dvalin – Join Request

Thanks for your interest in joining the Sons of Dvalin! One of the biggest rewards we’re able to enjoy as a group is to see other like-minded players on the road alongside us.

Your tag name in-game. We're assuming that, like most folks, you rarely change this.
Your User ID field within Genshin Impact.
It should be stated that very few members in our community play Genshin Impact on the PlayStation platform; interactions and events may differ a bit between platforms.
Doesn't have to be your life's story, but just a brief summary of what you're looking to get out of a community-based Genshin Impact playing experience.
99% of the group's daily communication occurs on the Discord platform. You don't have to provide this, but your involvement will be heavily limited without it.
We only ask for your email in the event we aren't able to reach you via Discord or in-game, and need to follow up with you.