April 16, 2021

It’s our fifth stream milestone, and we’re going to deliver on some long-promised agenda items, as well as open up a broader conversation towards adding some additional content to the Sons of Dvalin website going into the future.


We’ll run through the new questline addition to the main Genshin Impact story. I haven’t seen any of the spoilers for what it entails, and we’re likely going to be in for a wild ride with it!

The conversation is going to be opened up in round table-style discussion format to get some feedback from our community, as well as from viewers, as to what we could do about adding additional content to our website that people would find interesting, as well as transitioning our community into the next stage of its growth and development. If you’ve ever had an idea that you’d like to contribute to the Sons of Dvalin, this would be your opportunity to put it forward.

At long last, the Local Specialties run for the Liyue region has been completed, and we’ll put it through its paces to get ourselves 100 Liyue specialties in just under 12 minutes’ time – maybe sooner!

The Spiral Abyss will have reset, and we’ll get a pre-emptive stab into it to see if it’s lightened up from the eleventh floor nightmare that it’s been in previous iterations. My aim is to do better than we did in our previous attempt on the channel, come hell or high water.

Danger, adventure, and excitement!