April 2, 2021

In this third stream for the channel, we’re going to take a look at one of the in-game factors that eventually led to the creation of the Sons of Dvalin, and other groups like ours!


A stint in the world of cooperative play for Genshin Impact is in order. We’ll set a few ground rules for ourselves first, then see if we can lend some assistance to some other players that we don’t know and haven’t worked with before. It may go magnificently – it may go horribly awry – but it’ll most certainly be a memorable experience that we can likely take a few lessons away from.

In an effort to simulate what it’d take to craft the Dragonspine Spear (which is more than likely what I’ll be running on Rosaria if/when I can manage to pull her), we’ll go through a run for Starsilver Ore and Strange Teeth, and see if we can get the materials we’d need for it.

The Spiral Abyss has been a thorn in my side for its current iteration, and I’d like to get a round of revenge on it to see if I can find a way past 10-1 for three stars this time around, and perhaps even somewhat past that. You’re more than welcome to accompany me on this expedition! I’ve been told that in an effort to keep the stream somewhat even-keel, I can’t curse out of frustration for the Abyss, and there will be exceedingly dire consequences if I do. 😛

We’ll have a fresh squad composition for general exploration and daily activities for the evening, and hopefully it will set us up for some fun!

See you there!