April 30, 2021

The seventh stream is here, and we’ve got a veritable MOUNTAIN of action items to get to tonight!


It’s finally time to attempt to roll for Yanfei, and strive against all odds to get her without getting Zhongli. Fate will decide!

I need to finish up Noelle’s original Hangout Event, and then we’ll dive into her second Hangout Event to find out if Mondstadt’s finest maid can manage to finally join the ranks of the Knights of Favonius.

I’m loaded up with Condensed Resin and Original Resin, and a run towards Eula materials will be in order! (Hint: There are no shields on this freight train, buckaroo!)

There’s a couple different World Events and Quests that we’ll have the opportunity to dive into, and dive into them we shall! It’s also due time that we take a dive into the Serenitea Pot, and building our dream house – an off-grid wood cabin or cottage, out in the woods! Surprising, I know.

If we have any time left towards the end of the stream, we’ll take a preliminary stab at the new iteration of the Spiral Abyss. While I’m not expecting great things from this until I have the Eula build online and can get the Serpent Spine for Xinyan as part of the Battle Pass for this month, we’ll at least get some visibility into what we’re up against down the road!

That’s your itinerary, ladies and gents! Enjoy!

“I know that someday, hopefully in the not-too-distant future, I’ll finally be able to master my cooking ability. Make mouthwatering steaks, delectable Sticky Honey Roasts, and Moon Pies that’d make you think you’d died and gone to Celestia. And when that day comes, Traveler, just know that the whole time, I had the best motivation for doing so that an Outrider could ask for.” ~ Amber