April 9, 2021

It’s the fourth stream for the channel, and it’s high time to dive into one of the events that makes the Sons of Dvalin play community more unique out of the playgroups out there.


We’re going to start off by rolling for Rosaria, and see if we can manage to pull her at C1 WITHOUT pulling Tartaglia. Hopefully luck and fortune will be on our side!

Prime ‘Churl is on the menu tonight! A co-op venture into hunting down the Unusual Hilichurl is in order, and we’ll also take a look at some of the mechanics and conspiracy theories with regards to him as outlined in our farming article on the subject.

Afterward, we’re going to run a Sons of Dvalin signature special – a cooperative Crystal Ore mining run. This is one of the activities that virtually no other communities do, and we’ll dive into the basic strategy behind how to do this and why you might consider doing it. (Hint: It’s the lynchpin behind how I’m able to keep so many of my weapons leveled and supported.)

Finally, we’re going to do another mathematical deep dive into the concept of Energy Recharge. The aim here is to showcase some of the hidden mechanics that you may not have known about, and show how to optimize an Energy gain-team (yes, that can actually be a thing!) to top off the Energy reserves of your core damage dealer without having to build Energy Recharge on them virtually at all!

We’ll be using core Ganyu as the star of tonight’s squad, with some much-needed build refinements to get her more into the Cocogoat-deficient spotlight we’ve needed her in!

Hope to catch you there!