July 1, 2021

Kazuha is now available, and with the advent of a new and extremely powerful Sub DPS in Genshin Impact with his banner, we’re starting to gear up for the road to Patch 1.7 – and the approach to Inazuma.


Tonight’s stream is occurring on Thursday instead of Friday, due to many people having plans going into the Independence Day weekend here in the United States, as well as Friday’s fireworks making for a bit of a constant interruption to streaming activities. We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope that everyone has an awesome weekend to look forward to. 🙂

We’re only going to go until 9:30PM EST tonight in an effort to not be a burden on anyone’s work day for Friday. As such, the schedule is going to be a bit more loose tonight. Things are going to be kept casual, and we’ll have some open conversation and discussion available via the group’s Discord voice channel if anyone would like to hang out for a bit and chill.

Else, we’ll take a look at Kazuha’s Story Quest, do some Elite materials farming, and see if we can’t grab a few additional things from the Golden Apple Archipelago before it disappears for good at the end of this patch.

“Can you imagine how rough it is to go through life when your drinking budget exceeds your income as a musician? I could tell you stories, traveler…” ~ A Mildly-Intoxicated Venti