July 9, 2021

With a murky grey area lurking on the horizon for Inazuma since it hasn’t largely been disclosed as to what’s going to be released when, life as normal continues here on the “farm” as we prepare for the next chapter in the storyline.


In lieu of the road I’ve gone down recently in getting a lot of my weapons and character Talent Levels baselined, I’m extremely short on elite materials for ascension. It’s high time to do a run of materials between worlds to top off my reserves, and several members of our community are going to join in as well! Materials to be farmed include:

– Cicin Mage
– Fatui
– Ruin Guard/Hunter
– Whopperflower

Moving on, we’re going to take a look at what’s the most magnificent aspect of Genshin Impact in my humble opinion – the soundtrack. There are five separate albums released for Genshin, courtesy of a few different recording groups, and it’s high time that they’re given credit for complementing an incredible game with an incredible OST!

Next up, we’re going to have a round-table, completely serious, not kidding around conversation about which 4-star and 5-star characters in Genshin Impact are the best, and which ones are the worst. It’s extremely important to understand which characters in Genshin are cool, and which ones suck donkey balls, and we’re going to cut through the cabbage to give you a holistic overview of which characters in Genshin are actually good. Thin-skinned “special snowflakes” need not attend. May contain swearing.

In closing, we’re going to take a tour through what the rest of this year looks like for me in terms of Genshin Impact. I’ve said before that this is the last video game I’ll ever play, and that statement is still probably going to hold true for me. Genshin hasn’t been quite what I expected going in, and it’s high time I get some of my thoughts on it out in the open.

A good Friday night, all around. Hope to see you there!

“I’m starting to get worried about my wife; she knows too much about my habits.” ~ Nimrod, at Angel’s Share