June 11, 2021

The adventure continues with Patch 1.6, as Elemental Mastery enters into the spotlight for character builds in a way that most of us have never before witnessed in Genshin. Fingers crossed that it’s for the better, but concerns about long-term mechanic stability with this change are starting to come out of the woodwork.


We’ll quickly go over any dailies or weeklies that I have outstanding, then we’ll take an island adventure over to the Golden Apple Archipelago to see what new festivities have been added in as of Stage 2 here today. And yes… I do have Jean’s new outfit. Lovers of Acting Grand Masters for knights guilds can rejoice.

Next up, we’re going to do a single round of our regularly scheduled Crystal Ore co-op mining run as part of the stream, and we should have a full squad to be able to do it with. A new video tutorial guide is going to be released on our website in the next week for how to perform this run, and we’ll offer a precursor for what that video is going to partially entail with this run.

A rather dank road is in store for part of the evening, because we’re going to do something that’s likely going to end horribly, but will hopefully be entertaining in an awful fashion as it transpires. We’ll do some random co-op with people we don’t know, and see if we can help some other players out in passing, but the core point of our co-op will be to find a player who’s signature implies that they want to do some character-based roleplay, and see if they’ll let us into their world to find out exactly what their definition of “roleplay” is. It’s going to be dank, but hopefully not dark.

We’ll briefly take a look at some of the new additions to the Sons of Dvalin website, and go over a moderate amount of why the merch store is taking so long to deploy. In short, this is due to legality-based regulations that revolve around how merchandise for Genshin is handled. We’re going to take a look at several real-world examples of this, as well as two companies that are actively breaking the law with regard to their creation and sale of Genshin Impact merch (one of whom is liable for a Class 4 Felony here in the U.S.).

“Excellent. Absolutely excellent. As long as the Acting Grand Master is away on business, I can finally get around to ‘fixing’ a lot of Mondstadt’s affairs in her absence. All these townspeople will be proud Treasure Hoarders in no time!” ~ Kaeya