June 18, 2021

With the island adventures for most players drawing to a close, it’s time to start capacity planning for the road to Inazuma. In light of this, we’re going to start a staging ground for gearing up for this new adventure, and would like to have you in our ‘party’ for the trip. 🙂


We’ll quickly go over a summary of my run for this current iteration of the Spiral Abyss, and what worked well for me, vs. what didn’t work out quite so well. It’s my hope that this information may be useful to players who are looking to refine their runs further, or get ideas for a run plan in the works. Have I ever mentioned that Sucrose is practically a demi-god in this patch?

For the sake of a good laugh, we’re going to go on an adventure called “Build Ideas from Hell”. In the spirit of memes, we’re going to work out some absolutely atrocious build ideas for characters, then see how good these build ideas actually are. We’re then going to revisit these builds in a month once they’re further refined and farmed out to see just how good or bad of an idea they really were. Amber Mains need not apply.

Beginning today, we’re going to do the first in a two-part series titled “The Great Restructure”. The purpose of this series is to take an objective approach at re-working some of the classic character roles that I’ve had in my character pool, and determine if builds/weapons need to be adjusted before I start assigning priorities to build projects in the weeks ahead. This is the level-headed calm before the farming storm, if you will – and I’d like to invite you along for this journey with me.

If we have any time left to fill at the end of the night, we’ll turn back over to random co-op to be able to help some people out with their Genshin Impact play experience.

“Ah, nothing like a glass of cool grape juice to ease off the stress from a long day.” ~ Diluc