June 25, 2021

With Kazuha right around the corner for many players, it’s time to button down for the road to the next series of banners as well as challenges that Genshin Impact has in store for us, and we have quite a bit to get to in regard to these changes.


We’re going to continue on with Part 2 of our segment from last week, The Great Restructure. Last week we tackled character builds and equipment, and this week we’re going to take this to the next stage with team compositions. Teams are going to be re-done, creative limits are going to be pushed. Some DPS Amber builds were harmed in the making of this stream.

Ayaka is all but guaranteed in Patch 1.7, and we’re going to take a glance at her overall kit, and how she matches up to other 5-star characters in Genshin Impact. She’s quite different from her Beta reveal many months ago, in both good ways and in… interesting ways.

I need to gear up for my Crimson Witch of Flames domain run journey for Yanfei, and I’ve been dreading running this domain for weeks. It’s been procrastinated on long enough – time to dive in, come hell or high water. Expect extremely poor RNG.

Finally, we’ll stop over at the new event being unveiled in the game for Friday, and see what we make of it.

“Ah, Mondstadt’s wine tastes the same as I remember… but where are those who share the memory?” ~ Venti



Due to issues with the Twitch platform at the time of this stream, there is no archival copy available. We appreciate your patience and understanding!