June 4, 2021

June is finally upon us! And along with springtime and the lush greenery that’s surrounding a lot of our homes and communities, there’s an interesting “growing” venture that I’m currently taking on with regard to Genshin Impact’s world setting.


The yellow berry plants within Genshin Impact, to the surprise of some, actually exist out in the real world. Based on Mihoyo’s locale, they’re likely the Golden Himalayan Raspberry plants – and I actually happen to have one of them in my possession (with more on the way). Genshin Impact jam and jellies will be on the way later this year!

We’re going to take a conversational detour for a bit as I explain a substantial change that I’m going to make in the course of my future gameplay, as well as dive into what the next six weeks in-game are going to look like for me. This change will hopefully re-balance a lot of the dissatisfaction I’ve had with my gameplay in recent months, and it’s going to be a very necessary change for improving my sanity.

Since this segment was received so favorably last week, we’re going to take a look into some of the community’s prized team comps, and see what our group is running for their builds. Some of the builds will be fairly predictable, with others being really far off the beaten path. Regardless, we’ll all be able to learn quite a bit from it.

A brief overview is going to be made of the batch of weapons coming in 1.6, and why I’m really excited about the 4-stars coming down the pipe.

Finally, with the time we have left, we’ll dive into the Unusual Hilichurl’s event and see what I can make of it. I haven’t had a chance to work with it at all yet, and Wei should make for an entertaining foe to take on.

“Does she act ‘normal’ when she’s at home cooking or doing laundry? I… can’t tell you that.” ~ Oz, looking somewhat nervous