May 21, 2021

Finally back on track with our regularly-scheduled programming after my move over into my new place from last week, and we’re going to be celebrating by doing our first-ever “Super Stream” – which will go for an extra two hours. We’ll need this extra time to cover the small mountain of activities and announcements for tonight’s content, too!

The first order of business for us is going to be to dive in to Eula’s questline as part of the Genshin story. I have a bit of a preconception as to how she’s going to be portrayed, and am interested to see if my theory actually holds true for her.

We’re going to see if we can make a concerted effort to bump my Teapot’s Adeptal Energy all the way up to 20,000 tonight. It currently sits at around 15,500. It’s going to be an evening of building walls on the new Autumn area I just unlocked. I’m behind the curve a bit compared to some others, but we’re going to make up for it all here tonight!

We’ll take a detour to go over some of the announcements and new features that are going to be coming to the Sons of Dvalin website, stream, and community starting with the release of the Inazuma patch for the game. Some of these features include:

  1. The Sons of Dvalin website is going to get its own merchandise storefront section, in partnership with several merchandise and production partners.
  2. In association with several chefs and recipe crafters, our website is going to finally get a fully-developed real-life recipes and cooking section to cover how people can produce many of the classic dishes from the game.
  3. The Character Kit Guide pages have doubled in number in the last two weeks, and we’re going to continue on with fully building out this section to include all the characters currently in the game.
  4. By popular request, the guides section of our website is not only going to have universal formatting applied to all of the articles to help make them streamlined and more easy to read, but video walkthroughs are going to be produced for the more commonly-applied guides to help illustrate concepts more readily.
  5. A rekindled focus is going to be placed on not only focusing on co-op multiplayer in Genshin Impact with helping other players and building our community out more, but streamlining the process by which other players are able to join our play group.
  6. Our formerly-private Discord group is going to begin the process of being converted into a policy-governed public Discord group. In doing this, we’re going to move into a moderated, but open approach to how interactions are handled on the channel, and how we interact with people that don’t share our courtesy or our vision for the game. More details to come about this in the weeks ahead.
  7. The amount of custom projects we’ve taken on in the name of Genshin Impact is going to be doubled, in an effort to have some fun with the world of Teyvat – outside of the game here in our everyday lives. A few headlining items from this list will include:
    1. Producing a real-life version of Eula’s bone whistle.
    2. Sessioning some new songs and instrumental audio tracks inspired by Genshin Impact.
    3. Growing some of the yellow berries from the game IRL for some recipe inspirations.
    4. If time permits, take on the challenge of producing the world’s first-ever recreation of Ningguang’s signature chess and D&D hybrid board game, Liyue Millenial.

We’re going to put Level 90 Eula through her paces in the Spiral Abyss, and see if she can actually make a cakewalk of Floor 12, as some others have led me to believe she can.

A few words need to be said about people getting “burned out” from playing Genshin Impact, from the lack of new land content to explore, and from the sub-optimal amount of new story content being released. I have a few ideas for trying to offset this mentality for myself personally, and would like to share them in the event they’re found to be useful to anyone else.

Finally, if we get time, we’re going to go through the Japanese version of Diona’s Hangout Event, since I haven’t done this yet. I’ve been told that in Japanese, she tends to insert “nya” deliberately into a lot of her dialogue, and I’m curious to see to what extent this is the case.

It’s going to be a long night – but a good night – and we hope to be able to see you there!

“The last time that Gunnhildr girl sassed off at me, I calmly asked her when the last time she one-shot’ed a Regisvine using her Elemental Burst was. She fell silent, and asked me to leave. Could have sworn I heard the sound of someone crying through her office door later that day, too.” ~ Eula