May 28, 2021

It’s the end of May, and everyone’s finally out of school for the summer! Genshin Impact is also trending in the same direction with the new content on the horizon, and we’re going to kick off the summer the right way with tonight’s stream!

Our first order of business will be to take a look at the big reveal for new content in Patch 1.6 that happened earlier today, and see what we make of it. Some of the new items look really interesting, while others look to be a walk back down a road that many of us are quite familiar with already.

I’ve decided that a build goal that needs to be added to my list is to start working my Noelle over into more of a damage-oriented roll. Historically, I’ve only ran her as a dedicated healer – and it’s high time that I begin the transition over into a damage camp for her. To do this, I’ve decided on a 4-piece Retracing Bolide artifact set, which we’ll take the initial foray into farming. I’ll burn all of the Fragile Resin I have for this venture, as well!

Next up, we’re doing to do a build overview of a couple dozen profiles that other players in Genshin Impact have. We’re going to see some extremely optimized builds, as well as some builds that are more in the vein of beings works in progress. The point of this exercise will be to serve as practice for us in surveying builds that work, vs. builds that could stand to work better. We might even get some unique ideas for things that we could aim towards in the future, too!

We’re going to take a minute to briefly survey the Spiral Abyss’ 12th Floor, and talk over why I’m no longer going to run the Spiral Abyss on the stream, and will sharply limit my interactions with it moving forward. It’s a personal approach, but one that’s already starting to yield rewards for me.

To close things out, we’ll take a look at the new Unusual Hilichurl event, and see if we can’t hunt ourselves some Prime ‘Churl!

“You’ll find that the list of things which money can buy tends to get larger and larger as the years roll on. That list is pretty incredible, but it continually fuels a fire for the handful of things that can never be on it.” ~ Ningguang