May 8, 2021

Coming to you a day late due to flood damage in my old apartment (but with no reduction in the amount of enthusiasm), it’s time for another streaming adventure with the Sons of Dvalin!

A quick statement needs to be made about some of my recent comments in three areas, since I’ve misconstrued some information in my conversations with members of our group and viewers on the stream, and the confusion needs to be cleared up. Those comments revolved around:

  1. Are shields a lackluster combat mechanic in Genshin Impact?
  2. Is Zhongli a garbage-tier character?
  3. Are 4-star rarity characters completely useless in terms of dealing damage?

We’re going to do a co-op mining run for Crystal Ore once again, as several people in our playgroup needed to top off their supplies, and I’m always on the lockout for more, myself.

Later on, we’ll walk through another mathematical “deep dive” into the world of the Stagger, Knockback, and Launch mechanics. We’ll explain how these are applied, how they *aren’t* applied, and some general advice for getting the most out of these builds for the way you play the game! (this is actually an extremely useful topic for any players taking on the Spiral Abyss, Floors 11 or 12)

Finally, if we get any time left towards the end, we’ll take a concerted run at the Energy Amplifier domains to see if we can walk away with some halfway-decent scores. It may end tragically awry, but we’ll make the most of it, regardless!

“Have I defeated more bottles of wine, or more Hilichurls in the course of my adventures? Is that a trick question?” ~ Stanley