Interactive Map

This article is a bit of a shameless sales plug for something we didn’t create or have involvement of any kind in building, but hey – it’s one of those products that is so good, that we’ll endorse it regardless because we believe in it.

For those that have been searching for the best markable map for Genshin Impact, you may have stumbled across several different creations before that gave you a decent amount of the information that you were looking for.

Among the Sons of Dvalin community, we went through a dozen different resources for Genshin Impact in terms of usable maps, and all collectively agreed that the following map developed by Map Genie is the best overall offering in terms of finding what you need in terms of resources or marking spots for further review:

Map Genie Interactive Map (

While there are several different means in-game of being able to find items of various types (using Klee for finding Mondstadt local specialties, or using a Resonance Stone Gadget to find Culi in various regions, etc.), the Interactive Map tends to trounce all of those resources by providing everything in one common location, readily accessible for the discerning adventurer.

In the author’s humble opinion, the Interactive Map’s full version is the best $5 USD purchase you can make with regard to the game, period.

For the full version, you gain the ability to mark unlimited points as ‘found’, add additional points of your own choosing and marking, and make suggestions towards future marks to be added.

Overall, it tends to be the most holistic offering of Teyvat’s resources that our community has yet to find. From our conversations, you’ll see us repeatedly referencing it under the assumption that you use (or have at least seen) it before.

Just a helpful tip, from one friend to another.