Deep-Engraved Metal Mora Coin



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Some strange travelers came through my shop some time ago, speaking quietly to each other about
fighting the Slimes, and Hilichurls that had recently taken a liking to the area. Curious, and incredibly
grateful for the extermination of annoyances, I asked what brought them to my humble store, and
how I could possibly repay them for the favor.

Their response to the question was possibly even stranger than their appearances!
"I've come in search of a girl, about my age. She has blonde hair, and strange clothes like me.
Perhaps you've seen her?" Regretfully informing them that "No, I haven't seen anyone like that,"
I couldn't restrain myself from asking more about her, and her connection to the Traveler.

The tale was long, and filled with constant squeaking editorials from the Traveler's companion 'Paimon',
but I could not be pulled away from the story. Before I knew it, night had fallen! I had spent all day
listening to the retelling of their adventures, and hadn't even made a single sale! Thank the Archons
that Aether (I think that was his name) noticed my distress, and gave me a very coveted item in
exchange for my time: A coin given to him directly from the hands of Morax himself!

Before I had time to thank them for their donation, they had vanished.
To this day I still wonder about the boy and his pixie, who left me with millions of unanswered questions.

**These coins are Deep engraved with rich texture and detail. They have a beautiful feeling when
you run your fingers along the surface.**


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